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Search Engine Marketing

The size of China's Internet advertising market was RMB 3.3 billion in the third quarter 2008, up 19.1% compared with the previous quarter. Baidu.com Inc, Sina Corp and Google Inc. remain the Top 3 in terms of market share. Key-word advertising market size reached RMB 1.46 billion, accounting for 43.8% of the total Internet advertising market with a quarter-on-quarter growth rate of 19.3%, while that of the online advertising site amounted to RMB 1.70 billion, accounting for 50.7% of the total, up 18.9% compared with the second quarter.

Currently, Baidu has launched the CPA platform, and Sina Corp has launched the advertising scheme for intelligent investment. The moves indicate the market trend of effective advertising with low cost. Online advertisements on automobiles, real estate and finance will keep growing rapidly in the future.

In China's developed areas there are 80.97% companies already using some form of internet marketing; and the backbone of internet strategy in China is Search Engine Optimization.

CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center): in 2010, the utilization rate of search engine reaches 76.3%, an increase of 3% compared to 2009; presently, the number of search engine users reaching 320 million and the half annual growth rate is 13.9%.


According to China Intelli Consulting Corporation the penetration rate of search engine keeps increasing and 91% of China's netizens will use it at least once a month. This is why so many Chinese companies do SEO work and why foreign business people pay more attention to these search engines.

In the search engine market in China there is Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Soso, SoGou. Within the Google platform, we have researched over 1000 terms in English and Chinese Languages spoken that can attract up to 1,000 users or more per month. The intention is to reach 1,000,000 plus people per month through search engine marketing for branding and distribution. By utilizing terms featured in Baidu, Soso, SoGou, Google, and Yahoo, our model of marketing can reach several 100 million potential subscribers per annum. With just a 1% penetration, iMing can attract a very large base of users for relatively low marketing budgets.

Domain Name Marketing

One of the most effective methods of attracting an online audience is through keyword domain names. By purchasing domains with keywords in .com as well as .cn domains, the keywords rise within the domestic search engines, causing the firm to rank on the top page. Through key domain acquisitions, iMing intends on capturing a large percentage of the traffic on domestic domains. The total number of Chinese domain names reached 8.73 million, almost 4 million of which are ".cn" URLs, ZDnet reported

Although much of the intelligence is not available for keyword searches and tools on the Chinese search engines, the Google keyword indicators suggests an online market on Google from China of 100,000 per month for Set-Top Boxes, IPTV, and IPTV consoles. This number is expected to be 5-10 times higher for total search engine usage within China. Utilizing search engine marketing, search engine advertising, and keyword domains, iMing can target market the term people are searching while shopping for an IPTV box such as iMing.

Direct Sales Force and Business Development

iMing will employ a contact center for incoming and outgoing calls to business clients who would like to replace their television stream in the place of their business, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and café's with Web TV. Most businesses in China have internet connections for the operations of their company, of which it would be very easy to convince firms to add WebTV at a fraction of cable subscriptions.

The direct sales force will also work with building development projects, housing projects, and rental units to offer WebTV as a bundle or add on to the several module developments and housing market within China.

The direct sales to the retail market in China and business development with the housing market is a strategic market for growth and penetration of a fast growing population of target market clients. Our intention is to gain with development companies exclusive agreements to supply iMing set-top boxes with every unit built or rented within China. Through the units, iMing has direct access into the homes of millions of Chinese subscribers.

Logistic, Labor, and Manufacturing

The importance of the China market is clear and obvious: Nearly all global electronics manufacturers-OEMs, ODMs, and EMS providers-possess established facilities in China today, and Chinese products are likely to continue increasing their share of the global market. Through iMing established manufacturing partners, the complete manufacturing, and loading of software, packaging, and distribution is controlled under a single business.

The order on demand benefits of a local Chinese partner will enable low costs and low inventory during the build-up of the company. Manufacturing only takes one week, thus fast turn-around for retail outlet partners, online partners, and distribution channels is easy to facilitate. The majority of the expenses and labor will be in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

The manufacturer also will have a telephone line within the office that goes directly to their tech support, putting most of the IT support directly to the manufacturer within China.