iMing Corp is a provider of high-definition web based television and video's for the Chinese Market with the goal of being a leading provider of set-top boxes in Asia and expanding into North America and Europe. Within China there is a combination of several economic revolations, the urban expansion of internet users and ecommerce, and the increase in wages and income per annum. iMing's strategy is to distribute and sell their WebTV boxes through a trillion dollar retail market, a multi-million dollar internet audience, while using low-cost local manufacturing and logistics.

iMing is a leading technology solution provider of set-top boxes (STB) which supplies high-definition television through the Web (Web TV) in China, turning the internet into the content delivery source which is displaying on their television or monitor. The content can be stored on internal storage or through external storage and also played on the system, but the general principle is to access the content through the web for either live viewing of tv channels, movies, and programs or to download and view the content on demand.

Through various content partnerships, the iMing Web TV solution supplies over 10,000 HD movies, live TV channels, pre-recorded TV programs and high demand streams of content. The massive updated online database is accessed by the internet that plugs into the Web TV Box that then displays the content on the television, monitor, or AV system. The iMing Set-Top Box can play source files from USB, SD/MMC card, SATA or an internal 2.5‚ÄĚstorage installed into the Web TV Box. By supporting the latest format 1080P Full HD decoding, SPDIF.7.1.DTS decoding and HDMI 1.3, the iMing Web TV Box has a superior quality supplied to your home entertainment center. The technology used by iMing makes its firm and productive competitive with the other industry players such as Google TV, WDTV, Apple TV, and Roku.